Hey, what can we say? High Voltage is  just a rock cover band that loves playing killer tunes, electrifying the house, putting on great shows, jumping around and seeing everyone have a good time. It’s pretty simple.


The members of High Voltage may or may not have:

  • Shared the stage with world renowned superstars

  • Played some of them most iconic venues in the US.

  • Honed our crafts under the tutelage of the masters.

  • Recorded on platinum selling albums

  • Earned writing credits on some of your favorite hits


In the end, who cares? Do you want us to brag or deliver? High Voltage Seattle will:

  • Play some of the best, and most irresistibly dance-able rock music in the Seattle area.

  • Cover your favorites faithfully

  • Play the music with passion and kinetic energy

  • Have you or your guests staying to the end and wanting more.

  • Have  infectious fun


You Will:

  • Have fun

  • Sing along

  • Smile ear to ear

  • Love every song

  • Dance your arse off

  • Party with new and old friends


For the record, High Voltage is willing and equipped to play just about anywhere: Clubs, Casinos, private parties, corporate events, festivals, weddings and street corners.


If you love good rock from 60's today and especially love rocking out to the biggest hits from  Journey, Golden Earing, Poison, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Scorpions, Metallica, Van Halen, AC/DC, ZZTop, Pearl Jam, AIC, Green Day, Grand Funk, Beatles and more, you will love this band.


Its a party and you're invited.

High Voltage

High Voltage Seattle Cover Band